Providing our customers with design, style and quality has been our policy since 1897, from a hand-made process factory with the latest technology.

ADEX products cover the walls of many great personalities’ houses as well as famous people in the show business; our tiles can be seen in many films and TV series, they have conquered palaces, they incorporate hand-made work with soft lines and fine brushstrokes, and wisdom from over a century of tradition.

ADEX is one of the oldest factories in the sector. It was set up under the name of “El Siglo” by Mr. Miguel Piñón Castelló in 1897 and his son D. Miguel Piñón Guinot continued with the business.

The factory, originally placed in the building at present we are still occupying in Onda (Castellón), focused a significant part of its production on the manufacturing of stencilled painted tiles and special pieces, firing in Arabian kilns in accordance with the local ceramist tradition at that time.

Even then, we tried to have Salvador Dalí to collaborate with us, whose drawings were captured in an exclusive collection of tiles. Thanks to such collaboration, our company became one of the first tile-manufacturing companies exporting to the United States of America.
Currently, we are the third and fourth generation running this business, aimed at continuing with the tilemanufacturing family tradition with a long background in meeting our customers’ requirements, offering special products as the ones which have always characterized us.

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